What kind of help do we offer?

Therapeutic and practical support

This can be offered to individuals or families at one of our offices, in people’s own homes or at another venue more suitable or more accessible to the people attending. This could be a library, a GP surgery, a community centre or a place of worship for example.

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Outreach and Community Engagement

Bright Choices is able to meet with people in their own communities and to engage with larger groups. We frequently hold information workshops on general interest topics. Some of our most popular workshops are ‘Conflict Resolution and Compassion’, and ‘Women’s Health’, which give useful information and advice to participants who might not be able to access this information elsewhere. For upcoming workshops, please check the ‘News’ section of the website.

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Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Communication Support

Mediation is a way of addressing a conflict between two or more people by spending some time discussing issues with each person separately to understand what the problem is and how a solution can be found. Bright Choices mediators are impartial, objective, strictly confidential and highly trained. They have an excellent understanding of the particular types of conflict that can arise within families as a result of cultural and religious expectations and work hard to support people to find a solution for issues they may be facing.

Accessing this service is the same as any other type of Bright Choices support. Following an initial meeting, the mediators will have a detailed conversation with people who want to participate and they will also carry out a detailed risk assessment. This is because sometimes mediation is not the best way to address an issue and this can lead to unexpected risks. If mediation is not an appropriate service, then Bright Choices can provide a different type of support that might be more suitable to the needs of the people involved.

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